Phil Gray

"Excellence Personified"

One of the greatest indicators of excellence personified is when you are recommended for special recognition by your professional peers.  That’s exactly the case with IntegrITS employee Phil Gray.


​Phil was nominated and selected by his peers as “Top Performer of the Quarter” because of his outstanding performance in support of NTTR’s transition to the new P5 range instrumentation.  Specifically, Phil provided support in the NTTR Pod Shop, where he was instrumental in successfully transitioning to the new P5 pods, ensuring that he and his co-workers were involved and equipped to take on the added responsibilities required to manage, maintain and operate the new instrumentation.  His dedication in ensuring the accurate and timely management of data and schedules helped to support approximately 3,000 flights during the quarter of recognition.

In addition to the very high tempo operational schedule, Phil continued to be the primary TMDE monitor, responsible for over 75 pieces of test equipment requiring calibration. His dedication to the mission, taking on extra P5 work to support the high tempo operations schedule, earned him the selection of “Top Performer of the Quarter”.  Congratulations to Phil Gray for this special recognition...for his performance truly reflects our motto of “Turning Technology Into Solutions."