Nick Enriquez

"Turning Technology into Solutions"

IntegrITS has been at the forefront of the Navy’s implementation of the Automated Test and Re-Test’s (ATRT) capability for Naval Surface Warfare Systems, and Nick Enriquez has led the charge.​


​Our efforts there entail technical support for ATRT/Next Generation Simulation (NGS) connectivity Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) that encompass Ship’s Self Defense System (SSDS) and Aegis Combat Systems. Under Nick’s leadership, IntegrITS has been instrumental in the demonstration of the Virtual Test Bed (VTB) environment at NSWCDD where ATRT is utilized to initiate the test conduct remotely from outside the site. Thus providing real time data capture/reduction to promote automated test flow control and data analysis.

​IntegrITS continues to provide technical and engineering subject matter expertise in the VTB environment, as well as in multi-platform land based test environments using hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL), enabling automated test conduct across multiple platforms, utilizing multiple Test Managers, all integrated together under the control of a single ATRT Master Test Manager. Nick’s subject matter expertise and technical leadership has been crucial to the success of these demonstrations and the ongoing automation initiatives at NSWCDD.