Natalie Minott

"Making a Global Impact"

Poverty, war, and injustice stories populate the news every single day, and it’s easy to get both overwhelmed and numb by it. But that’s not the case with our employee, Natalie Minott.  


​As a child, Natalie would cry as she heard stories about children around the world who didn’t have homes to live in or enough food to eat. It just wasn’t right, and she always wanted to help, but their problems seemed too big. Twenty years later, those same problems still exist, however Natalie’s mindset has changed. Instead of getting overwhelmed and letting her heart grow numb to the insurmountable problems of the world, Natalie now realizes that she can “make a difference” – and she does.

​Last year, she had the opportunity to visit Uganda with a group of 10 other workers from her local Church. Uganda is a country in Africa that has suffered from civil unrest for many years. Every day, Natalie and her dedicated team worshiped and prayed together, and then went out in groups through the city seeking out those who needed help and encouragement. Every night, they came home with new friends and powerful stories. They shared meals, served in any way they could, and were provided the opportunity to encourage people over and over again. It was an incredible experience!

​Natalie fondly remembers sitting on a blanket with a paralyzed man who was selling Ugandan trinkets in a busy marketplace. He was ecstatic to have new friends sit with him and just listen to his story. As they talked and encouraged him, tears began to slowly run down his cheek. They were later informed that this man was at a point of overwhelming challenge in his life, and really needed the compassionate ears, loving hearts, and encouraging words they provided.

​​The second half of the trip was spent at an orphanage serving and helping 70 children and orphanage staff. They helped run a free health clinic there, as well as helped with repairs, etc. at the orphanage.  We may not be able to solve all the pressing problems in the world, but Natalie and her team demonstrates to us that we can “make a difference” by simply loving, serving, and extending a resourceful hand of friendship and fellowship to those in need. A hearty thanks and congratulations to Natalie and her team!