IntegrITS Employee Testimonial

Marcus Coney

Staff Accountant

I began my career at IntegrITS as an Accounting Intern in October of 2010. Following my graduation from San Diego State University in the spring of 2014, I began working as a

full-time staff accountant.


Working at IntegrITS has truly been a blessing to me. I was offered a full-time position immediately following graduation. Many of my peers were either still looking for jobs/internships after graduation, or chose to work in a field completely unrelated to the degree in which they worked so hard to earn. I was quite at peace with my professional future following graduation in a time where many of my friends were worried where their next step would take them.

I have had the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing people here at IntegrITS. They have shown me the value of hard work, the drive needed to be successful, and, most importantly, the significance of working as a team. Everyone is willing to help the next person out and that translates into a much more affable and efficient workplace!

The company has also supported me in my efforts to give back to my community. I am active in my church’s young adult ministry and I’ve also assisted in coaching my high school alma mater’s baseball team. We sometimes hold events during work hours, and everyone at IntegrITS is always very accommodating in working around my schedule and allowing me to serve in my ministry in those times. I have received nothing but support from the entire leadership team in my 5+ years at IntegrITS.

IntegrITS is such a special place to work because it really does feel like one, big family. When someone accomplishes something, we all celebrate them. When someone is ill or going through a hard time, we all rally behind them and support them in whatever capacity they may need. IntegrITS truly is a place rooted in integrity and it is an honor to work here.