Jim Lyon


Business Process Technology Services

When it comes to “Making a Difference”, I think it is necessary to explain how my journey began with IntegrITS. When I joined the IntegrITS Team in 2001 as a Systems Engineer, I knew and had previously worked with members of the Corporate Leadership Team, as well as many of the support staff personnel.  I received a call from Clarence Carter, the IntegrITS President & CEO, as I was returning to work from lunch one day in March 2001.  He simply stated that he had a position he felt would be right for me, and asked if I wanted it.  I said yes. Clarence said “GREAT”, and he would see me in two weeks.


​The important element to note is, I did not leave out much from what was discussed during the initial call.  It was a quick phone call and an easy decision. When I completed the call, I did not know what I would be doing, or where I would be working.  Also, I did not know what the pay would be either.  It was my knowing Clarence, the Team he had pulled together, and knowing how he viewed business and the great value he placed on all of his employees.  That was enough for me! I instinctively knew that moving to IntegrITS would make a positive difference in my personal and professional life, and at the same time, empower me as an employee to serve my customers more effectively.  Thirteen plus (13+) years later I can emphatically say that my instincts were spot on!


I share my story as a basis to the IntegrITS approach of “Making a Difference” for our Clients and our employees.  As a full life-cycle systems integrator and information technology services provider, IntegrITS puts the needs of the Client foremost.  Initial engagements with Clients, be it a Government or Commercial entity, begins with an in-depth requirements analysis.  Yes, this provides IntegrITS the opportunity to understand the overall efforts; but, it quite often gives the Client a greater understanding and insight to their real needs.  Taking it a step further, IntegrITS takes into account the operational, strategic, and business goals of our Client’s when designing and architecting IT solutions.  Our services and support are tailored to meet the unique goals of the Client, implementing the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to meet their needs.  This achieves a unique linking, or ‘marriage,’ of IntegrITS to our Clients.


From the highest levels of leadership and throughout the company, “Making a Difference” for our Clients is paramount.  Attaining that goal for our Client's is achieved through the business ethics and customer service approach fostered top-down throughout the IntegrITS Team while ensuring employees maintain balance between work and life. The reality is, the employees of IntegrITS make the culture of  IntegrIts- a work environment that is productive, respectful, and professionally enriching.