A Note from HR

Vanessa Valdez

Director, Human Resources

I believe that we become the "Mission" we embrace.


The Mission of Integrits Corporation is one of good standing, trust, reliability, fairness, and excellence. This is the kind of mission that empowers an individual to thrive and succeed, not only in their professional career, but also in their personal life.  

In 2005, I had the privilege of joining the IntegrITS Team and quickly embraced the mission and culture of the Company. It became apparent to me that the Mission was not just a stale phrase listed in the employee handbook that I had to acknowledge and sign off on. Instead, the Mission of IntegrITS is a living Mission that is exemplified by each member of the Team through interaction not only with the customers, but with each other as well. At IntegrITS, we lead by example, and understand that if we do our part, the employee will gladly do theirs.


I truly believe that the key to job happiness is to find work you are passionate about that can be executed in an environment that encourages excellence, mutual respect, and success. At IntegrITS, you will find a culture of employees who have a passionate zeal for what we do and who we serve. My duty and privilege is to make sure we hire quality employees who will embrace our Mission, and provide our customers with the same trust, reliability, fairness and excellence that will be provided to them. IntegrITS does offer a competitive total compensation package, but more importantly, we offer a place where you (and ultimately your family) will thrive, grow and be encouraged for success.